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In 2012, while serving as the BC President of the Professional Photographers of Canada, Melissa traveled around the province and found the struggle she had experienced was universal.

Clients wanted digital files. Photographers had no idea how to value them.

The established pros were saying “don’t sell your files” and relied on their traditional business model – well the emerging pros were selling all their files – and not for very much.

Over the course of many years, this had a significant impact on the photography industry. In fact, photographers are making less money today, then they were 20 years ago.

So, Melissa looked for a sustainable practice for selling digitals…maybe even an industry standard. When she didn’t find one. She created it:

A formula for pricing digital files. 

And new business practices for photographers.

She wrote a book, created an app and just like that – Pixel Cents was born.

Pixel Cents has evolved into your digital business coach. It helps you price your products and services based on your lifestyle and financial needs. It helps you price individual photos for commercial, advertising, editorial and personal use (all based on industry rates!). And it uses your numbers to help you understand the areas of your business that need work – so that you can grow and maintain a sustainable business.



Take your photography business to the next level!

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