Pixelcents is pricing strategy software for photographers who want to start running their business like a bad-ass entrepreneur.

We are a company dedicated to teaching photographers the value of their time and their photographs. Through software tools, community and education Pixelcents empowers photographers to dive deep into their numbers and works to increase their confidence in their pricing so they can enjoy the career of their dreams.


Melissa Welsh is the Founder and CEO of Pixel Cents. After years of watching her fellow photographers struggle to adapt old business practices with new technology – she began to work on a solution. Melissa created the Pixelcents formula, wrote a book detailing new business practices for handling digital files and has developed Pixelcents pricing strategy software that will help photographers connect their financial and lifestyle goals with their product and service pricing. Melissa is a National Award Winning photographer and has built a career photographing weddings, families and adventure lifestyle. Read more about her photography accomplishments here


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