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App Description:

Pixel Cents Calculator is a tool that helps photographers price their photographs based on their business model and industry rates using the Pixel Cents formula.

App Highlights:

Cost of Doing business calculator – Photographers can input their expenses and salary for the year to help calculate their own pre/post production fees to be included in the main calculator.

Portrait and Wedding Photographers finally have a way to place a value on digital files for their clients. They enter the dimensions of the file, choose a CPP rate and quickly have a price to incorporate into quotes and packages for clients.

Pricing commercial photo use doesn’t have to be complicated. Photographers can have a price in just seconds for advertising, corporate and editorial photo use. The CPP rates suggested are industry-rate ranges and averages compiled from the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

The Pixel Cents Calculator can be purchased for $4.59 CAD in iTunes and requires iOS 8.1 or later.

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Pixel Cents Calculator Overview (2 min)

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E-Book Description:

The Solution to Selling Digital Files for Photographers Around the World.

Pixel Cents is the solution for all those photographers struggling with the best way to sell digital files. It has the answer for those long-time pros who are wondering if they should be selling files in their portrait business; and is the answer for emerging pros who are wondering how to make a living in this business.

This book begins with a brief explanation of how photographers have run successful, profitable companies in the past. It then outlines the changes photographers need to make in our business practices to make sure that being a professional photographer continues to be a prestigious and rewarding way to make a living. And finally, it provides a mathematical formula for assigning a value to digital files – whether they are being sold to portrait clients for personal use or a local business for commercial use.

Photographers can increase their sales, improve their bottom lines and sell their digital files all while maintaining a sustainable photography business and their integrity as an artist. Let Melissa show you how.

e-Book Pricing and Options

e-Book price: $15 CAD available at

e-Book + worksheets and image release form: $20 CAD

e-Book + worksheets + CODB spreadsheet and CODB 11 part instruction video: $39 CAD

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